Beatrice Maillard-Chaulin moves to Marseille

Beatrice Maillard-Chaulin’s old dream to move to Marseille finally came true: she returned to the southern France of her youth.

She found a real marseillaise-like little house nestled in a nest of verdure, at a walking distance from the Conseil General (council of French département) in the 13th arrondissement (métro Saint-Just).

She still dedicates herself to the help of sick hospitalized children in the region of Marseilles, this time as a volunteer for the AJMC charity, which aim is to help young sick and convalescent people.

She has already taken part in many events thanks to the League against Cancer (Limoges, Rouen, Auch, Nantes, Annonay ,...) and this link which makes enriching and moving encounters possible makes her happy.

She greatly appreciates these encounters with people and especially likes the warm feeling that comes out of it.